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Snus Recommendations

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Welcome to Snus Recommendations, a site completely dedicated to recommending Scandinavian Snus. 

Newest Recommendations

For this summer, I'm not recommending snus brands. Instead I've looked into snus webshops with great selection and reasonable prices.

Recommendation for July

For July I recommend any snus user to check out Snuslageret, a Norwegian based webshop with a nice selection of snus brands and great customer service.


Recommendation for June

I recently ordered from Snushjem, and was pleasantly surprised by how fast they delivered. They also have all the well-known brands and many others. 


Recommendation for May

This month, I decided to try something new and exotic, and was recommended LOOP Jalapeno Lime. I was not disappointed. The taste of lime perfectly balances out the spicy jalapeno. 

My conclusion? This is definitely a snus worth trying.

Snus Recommendations

Check out the archive to find monthly snus recommendations and other helpful tips. 


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Welcome to Snus Recommendations.

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